As our world continues to grapple with the far-reaching effects of COVID-19 and the longstanding racial injustices present within the US, we at MEMO want to ensure that those who are a part of our community understand we are fully aware of and concerned about the vast impact that both this public health crisis and racial pandemic is having on all of us, especially our communities of color. From physical to emotional to financial health, we are all feeling the magnitude of these global events in one way or another. During this time, our team is making sure to take all necessary safety precautions when engaging with outside communities whether it be virtually and/or in person and will continue to check in on those we partner with. In addition, we are taking extra steps to continue educating ourselves on the current and historical systems of structural racism that persist, as well as, speaking up on, raising awareness around, and physically supporting the fight against racial discrimination and white supremacy.  If you have additional questions about our stance and/or policies on these matters, please feel free reach out!